short list.

-I like how confident I feel in our relationship. 
-I like that you’re not as hard to read anymore and I just know you so well. 
-I like missing you now that we’re so busy. Not that I don’t like being around you, it’s just nice to know that I miss you. I had never really had a chance to.
-I like that I’ve discovered you’re a good person to travel with.
-I like that we’re starting to go through big life events together. Even if they aren’t always happy things.
-I like knowing that we’re going to move out soon.
-I like how happy you still make me every day.
-I like how you still make me laugh so much.
-I like how good you are with just improving and coming up with random songs.
-I like when your smile reaches your eyes and you actually look happy. 
-I like being half asleep in the middle of the night and hearing you say, “Are you being one?”

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BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

I think most everyone on my dash could use happy dancing Groot today <3

Everyone needs a baby dancing Groot on their dash. 

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Chromeo - Jealous (Hotel Garuda x Sweekuh Remix)


Chromeo - Jealous (Hotel Garuda x Sweekuh Remix)

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when people are pushing ur buttons and ur just like “how am i gonna be a hufflepuff about this”

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